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Product IntroductionTraditional waterproof materials have poor mould and moisture resistance. They make the wall and indoor air be moisture, indoor objects moldy. They deteriorate the live environment and even affect human health if they are used to internal wall. They bring great lose for high grade decoration. Hence, the waterproof area is desiderated to choose a high quality waterproof material to settle indoor mould and moisture resistance problem. DOLINK paint adopts the national advanced facilities, first grade technology and strict quality control system on the base of absorbing national same trades advanced technical experience. We develop a special waterproof adhesive (mould and moisture resistance) for indoor waterproof project. It settles the indoor mould and moisture problem thoroughly. And it also improves all kinds of waterproof properties largely. This product is eco-friendly and has excellent mould and moisture resistance. It can inhibit growth of mould, avoid wall and floor being moisture, and prevent objects from damaging. Its a decoration safeguard in indoor waterproof aspect.Ingredient DOLINK indoor waterproof adhesive takes import silicon, carbon and acrylic resin as basic materials. It accords with JC/T894-2001 polymer concrete waterproof coating standard.Application Special fit for waterproof and moisture resistance on new or old architectures internal wall surface and ceiling. Apply to waterproof treatment for plaster plate and wood board, and moisture resistance treatment before laying wood floor board.TraitsThis paint good moisture and water resistance, can prevent moisture from permeating to the wall effectivelysuperior mould and corrosion resistance, can It can inhibit growth of mould effectively and protect indoor objectswaterborne product, waterborne product, didnt add harmful substance like formaldehyde, benzene. It accords with GB50325-2001.construct advice1. Base course treatment The base course should be smooth, firm, clean, no water and has proper pH value. The holes and blowhole should be filled and smoothed by concrete mortar. The sharp edge should be got rid. The unsmooth place or crack should be repaired and the yin and yang corners should be treated into camber angle.2. construction proportion A (adhesive): B (powder) 1(bag):1(bag). Add the powder into adhesive slowly, and then stir it till it becomes cream state that there are no precipitation and grain. If the mixture is too ropiness, you can add proper quantity of water (accordance with base course condition, environment and temperature, can adjust quantity of water properly)3. construction process You can paint the base course uniformly by roll coating or brush coating. If the base course is too dry, you can wet it first. The second layer should be brush painted after the first layer touch drying and it should be vertical to the first layer. Orifice, floor drain and wall corner should be repaired first. Then, do partial waterproof treatment on them.Can lay ceramic tile, brush coat or lay wood floor board directly on the waterproof surface.Advice dosage: film thickness: 1.0mm, dosage: 11.2kg/m2 ( two or three times, according with the smoothness of base course)Attentions1. Construction temperature should higher than 5. Make sure of good ventilation in construction environment.2. The mixture coating should be used up in 6 hours. If the mixture coating hasn\'t be used up, you can stir it uniformly and continue to use it if there are no agglomeration.3. Forbid to trample before thoroughly dry. Do the water test 48 hours after construction. Through water test usually be kept for 48 hours.Package/Storage Sealed storage in dry and cool place in 5-35, shelf life: 12 monthsPackage Specification 4L per barrel, 18L per barrel


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