Terracoat - Texture Coating


General Product Information:

oHigh Level of weather resistanceoTrowel, Brush, Roller and Spray grades available.oRange of texture sizes availableoExcellent abrasion resistanceoHigh levels of flexibility to help cover cracks and surface defectsoHighly resistant to chemical corrosionoSuitable for use in all climatic conditions.oOver 400 pattern styles availableoAvailable in a wide range of colours, other colours specified by customers also available.OVERVIEW:Terracoat(TM) Textured Coatings are a range of ready-mixed acrylic textured * provides the unique combination of a quality architectural finish with outstanding economy through ease of application, a low material consumption rate and surface durability. Terracoat adheres to most exterior and interior surfaces including plywood, chipboard, antirust primed steel, gypsum dry wall, sand/cement render and concrete. Terracoat has been developed to withstand extreme climatic conditions such as desert climate and extreme cold.PROPERTIES:Terracoat(TM) is formulated from crushed and precisely graded fillers, pure acrylic binders and additives which give it elastic properties, long life and durability against colour fading and pollution. Its rich texture and in-built flexibility helps cover defects and minor cracks in the *acoat is available in a range of different texture grades and attractive colours. All grades of Terracoat are designed to withstand large temperature swings between day and night.AREA OF USE:Terracoat(TM) Textured Coating is primarily designed for exterior facades and surfaces of buildings such as commercial and industrial complexes, office projects, factories, hospitals and housing developments.Terracoat Textured Coating can be used on surfaces of concrete, cement rendering, lightweight concrete, fairfaced stonework, brickwork, blockwork, plywood, antirust primed steel and galvanised steel.The coating performs equally well on interior surfaces of gypsum dry wall and chipboard and is widely used as a decorative ceiling and wall finish.TECHNICAL DATA: Product: Acrylic based textured *er: Pure Acrylic.Thinning: 3 - 4 hoursToxicity: Non-toxicFlame Spread: Class 0 ASTM E84-81HColours: Available in Un-pigmented or Pigmented to colour on requestStorage: 12 months in original unopened containers


Industry:Construction Industry
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