Semi Plastic Emulsion

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Description:Red Garden Paint's RG-9916 - Flower is an excellent and durable semi plastic emulsion paint with a smooth and velvety finish. Is the natural choice for people who want full value for their money. RG-9916- Flower is long lasting, quick drying and suitable for all types of surfaces not just walls and ceiling but hard board/chipboard and wooden surfaces as well.RG-9916- Flower has an infinite variety of appealing colours to choose from, which means that virtually everyone can choose his or her particular favourite shade. When properly applied, RG-9916- Flower adds a touch of elegance and class to every home. Due to its excellent leveling properties it gives a smooth, velvety finish without overlap or brush marks.SURFACE PREPARATION AND APPLICATION:The concrete surface should be dry, free from efflorescent salts and loose adhering *ve dirt, greasy and wax material scuff with suitable sand paper, dust off and prime with Red Garden Alkali Primer Sealer. Fill the surface imperfections with a paste made from 4 parts Chalk, 1 part Zinc Oxide and 4-5 parts Red Garden Alkali Primer Sealer and leave the filler to dry overnight, scuff with sand paper, dust off and apply another coat of the pre prepared sealer followed by 2-3 coats of Red Garden RG-9916 Semi Plastic Emulsion.TECHNICAL DATA:Binder Type Copolymer Vinyl Emulsion Colours Available White, Off White, Ash White, and all shades exhibited in our shade Card. Application Brush , and Roller Average Spreading Rate Gives complete finished area 12-16 Sq. Meters, Per litre . Mixing For painting new and bare surfaces use water up to 50% of the paint thinning, but for normal use it should not go beyond 25-50%. Drying Time i ) Depends upon temperature and environmental conditions. ii ) Recoatability 1-1/2 Hours iii) Hard Dry 4 Hours Number of Coats 2-3 Coats Finish and Gloss Smooth and Glossy. Storage Stability Eight Months when stored properly in original sealed containers. Packing 24 Kg, 6 Kg. or in Project Packing. Note: Recommended spreading rate per liter based upon minimum recommended dry film thickness per coat. No allowance is made for material loss during application. Limited Warranty:Since Red Garden Paints does not control the application of its products, nor the condition of the surfaces to which they are applied, a Limited Warranty is provided. If the products do not perform as specified. Red Garden Paints liability will under no circumstances exceed replacement of the product.


Industry:Construction Industry
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