Polyaspartic polyurea resin F420(NH1420)


General Product Information:

Product name: F420 Amine-Functional Aspartic Ester Resin ? Chemical formula and molecular weight ? Chemical Name: Aspartic Acid, N,N'-(methylenedi-4,1-cyclohexanediyl)bis-,1,1',4,4'-tetraethyl ester ? ELINCS No.: 429-270-1 ? CAS No.: 136210-30-5 ? Properties and application ?F420 is a solvent free amine-functional resin.. It is a aspartic ester polymer as reactive partner for polyisocyanates. It’s the same model as NH1420, formulate high-solids, two-component polyurethane topcoats and solvent-free coating materials. ? It can serve as chain extender or R component in polyurea coating. It can also react with –NCO functional HDI trimmer from which a longer gelling time and excellent yellow resistance can be achieved. Longer gelling time can also be obtained when reacted with MDI pre-polymer. Hybrid of polyurea and polyurethane can be achieved when F420 is blended with hydroxyl-functional resin e.g acrylic, alkyd. This can offer high solid content and faster dry time than ordinary polyurethane. It is widely used in protective /floor / elastic/weather resistant coating, waterproof, etc. "? Main Feature 1. High solid content with low viscosity 2. Faster curing time in aliphatic system3. Offering excellent physical properties like high hardness, flexibility, elongation(400%), tear and tensile strength(25MPa). 4. Great weather and saline water resistance5. Cost efficiency


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