Plastic Emulsion

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Classic-RG-9918 ( For Interior and Exterior use ) Red Garden Paints Plastic Emulsion Classic, the durable Plastic Emulsion Paint with a Smooth and velvety finish, is the natural choice for people who want full value for their money. Classic is long-lasting, quick drying, easily washable and suitable for all types of surfaces not just walls and ceilings but hard board, chipboard and concrete plaster as well.CLASSIC , has an infinite variety of appealing colours to choose from, which means that virtually everyone can choose his or her particular favourite shade. When properly applied. Classic adds a touch of elegance and class to every home. Due to its excellent leveling properties Classic gives a smooth velvety finish without overlap or brush marks.SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface to be painted must be free of loose, blistered or flaking paint, which must be removed by scraping. Firmly adherent old paint should be sand papered, dust, grime etc. should be properly removed, cracks and pores should be filled with putty and allowed to dry before application of paint. Application of Red Garden's Alkali Resisting Primer is recommended on both old and new surfaces. specially in low lying/water logged/high salinity areas.APPLICATION : Classic can be applied by brush, spray or roller. It must be thinned with water, upto 20% of volume for the first two * the third coat a little more water may be added.DRYING TIME : i- Surface Dry 30 minutes.ii- Recoatability 60 minutes.AVERAGE SPREADING RATE : 7 to 7.5 sq. meters per litre on a normal smooth surface.This may however be less on a rough or highly absorbent surface.STORAGE STABILITY : One year when properly stored in original sealed container.PACKING : 3.64 Liter, and 20 liter units. Note: Recommended spreading rate per liter based upon minimum recommended dry film thickness per coat. No allowance is made for material loss during application.


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