Organic Pigment


General Product Information:

We are pigment manufacturer in china for 30 years, Our successful cooperation with the inks, printing (e.g. carton packaging, tobacco and alcoholic logo etc), plastic coloring and so on.The products have been selling more than 20 countries inside and outside.Im Derek, and so glad to get the information on website, I hope Dear company's purchase to pay a little attention to our factory's products information, the main products is as follows:2.the organic pigmentYellow/ Orange /Red /Blue /Green /Violet Serial ETC. Yellow Serial products: PY12, PY13, PY14, P.Y74, ETC.Orange Serial products: PO13, PO16, ETC.Red Serial products: PR21, PR48:2, PR48:3, PR49:1, PR53:1, PR57:1, PR81:1, P.R112, P.R.122, ETC.Blue Serial products: PB1, PB15, PB15:1, PB15:2, PB15:3, PB15:4, ETC.Green Serial products: PG7,ETC. Violet Serial products: PV1, PV2, PV3, P.V.19, P.V.23, PV27,ETC2.the inorganic pigment ----ceramic pigment (Body Stain and Glaze Stain).3.the rosin resin for sheet fed offset inks.4.the dyes ( few).


Industry:Paint Industry
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