Molecular Sieve 3a

General Product Information:

3A insulating glass (IG) desiccant (NATERGY SIEVE) is made from 3A molecular sieve. This IG desiccant can deeply co-adsorb resident moisture and organics in insulating glass, keep the IG clear and transparent even at very low outsider temperature, prevent the condense of inside vapor, more important it can resolve the problem of window distortion caused by IG inflation and shrinking under seasons or day-nights temperature changing, this would prolong the life span of IG windows considerably. Natergy sieve has passed EN1279 test and been approved by Europe reputed institute.Technical parameter for 3A IG desiccantItemUnitTargetDiametermm0.5-0.91.0-1.51.5-2.0Bulk densityg/ml≥0.68≥0.68≥0.68Size ratio up to grade%≥98.0≥98.0≥98.0Water adsorption capacity%(RH60%,25℃)≥18≥18≥18%(RH30%,25℃)≥16.5≥16.5≥16.5Delta T value℃(25g/25ml H2O)≥50≥45≥45℃(10g/10ml H2O)≥40≥35≥35Nitrogen adsorptionml/g≤1.0≤1.0≤1.0Dew point℃≤-60≤-60≤-60Dust dropsunit≤15≤12≤12Ignition loss%(950℃)≤2≤2≤2


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