I-cannano Glass Coating

General Product Information:

Based on Chemical Nanotechnology, I-CanNanos Glass Coating forms a thin, hygienic, transparent layer over any glass window or surface, which provides excellent water, dirt and grime roll-off, as well as providing protection, high transparency, and significantly reduced maintenance costs. BENEFITS: Outstanding adhesion the nano-particles self assemble and bond with the surface. Chemical bonding between the nano particles and silica/ceramic glass surface provided very longlife. There is no visible difference after application (transparent) and UV protection conserves air condition load. The anti-sticking technology prevents dirt from adhering to the surface, thus easy to clean and stain free. Glass surfaces become anti-corrosive and highly resistant to acidic and alkaline solutions.IDEAL FOR:All interior and exterior glass surfaces including facades, glass roofs, window panels, glass doors, frosted and decorative glass, glass shower cabins, car windscreens and windows, and all other exterior glass.


Country:United Kingdom
Industry:Coating Industry
Delivery Time:0000-00-00
Type:Selling Offer

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