I-cannano Clear Coating

General Product Information:

Based on Chemical Nanotechnology, I-CanNanos Clear Coat paints, are ideal for bringing the power of nano particle finishes to a pre-existing painted surface. This helps it retain its colour and quality of finish, imbuing it with the same strength and robustness found in dedicated nano paints.ALSO AVAILABLE AS A PEEL OFF TEMPORARY VERSION FOR PROTECTION & STORAGE BENEFITS: Outstanding adhesion the clear paint becomes embedded in the walls surface. High resistance to weathering (UV, fungus, water, dirt, etc) and any blistering. Elastomeric matrix (stretchable paint that covers cracks) for a smooth, clean finish. Highly robust finished surface due to inorganic nano-particles incorporated in the paint. Easy to apply, with high coverage and non sticking application.IDEAL FOR:All Interior and exterior usage including metal, marble, plaster, drywall, internal concrete, masonry, hardboard siding, gypsum board, external concrete, masonry and jewelry.


Country:United Kingdom
Industry:Coating Industry
Delivery Time:0000-00-00
Type:Selling Offer

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