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Alkali swellable associative thickeners improve the rheological property of water-based paints (especially by reducing the splatter). The paint stability and the performance of the paint film allows money to be saved by replacing HEC or CMC?which are traditional thickeners used in water based paints?whilst improving the flow and leveling of the paint. * HISOL thickeners are very effective for styrene-acrylic copolymer binder paint and vinyl acetate-acrylic copolymer binder paint.* When combined with a small amount of HEC thickener, HISOL is very effective at stabilizing the viscosity, reducing the color floating, and syneresis. * HISOL thickeners maintain the stable viscosity and rheological character of the alkali pH for a long term. When applied to pure-acrylic binder paint, we recommend using only a limited amount because it increases viscosity.* Compared with cellulose derived thickeners, HISOL thickeners have a better stability with microbes and enzymes.* Newly released thickening agents in the HISOL 300 range (HISOL 303, 305, 307, and 308) have good viscosity stability and less color floating when compared to former grades.* Compared with cellulose derived thickeners, HISOL is very competitively priced and can significantly reduce the cost paint production.* Compared with previous HASE thickeners, a small dosage is required to achieve the same viscosity, and it is therefore possible to improve the water sensibility of the paint film.


Country:South Korea
Type:Selling Offer

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