Heat Insulation And Transparents Coating For Clear Glass


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Hi, Nice to see you here!Have you know that your window are losting much energy, and you have to pay your money in keepping your house temperature?Why?Your window will lost much heat in heating season and get much heat in cooling season, because the usual window are not able to insulate the heat through it.But our new heat insulation coating can help your window to block heat, save enery for you.The glass will block the infrared by 85%, UV 99% min and some noise; while the visible light can through it by 85% min, when the glass is coated by our heat insulation coating. Through this way, the glass can save energy by 20%-40% for you.What is more, the coating is environmental, it is low lead,mercury and volatile organic compounds, no pollution for your living circumstance.The feature of heat insulation and transparent coating.1. transparent 84% min;2. stop the infrared of solar: 85% ;3. Ultraviolet Protection(from the solar): 99% min;4. drop down the temperature of sunned object: 8 centigrade;5. drop down the indoor tempreture: 2-5 centigrade;6. Reflect 84% of *gy saving rate: 20%-40%;8. Noise reduction: 18 dB (decibels);9. Environmentally Friendly: Extremely low lead, mercury, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) 10. thickness: only 8-9 ?m .Hope our heat insulation coating can bring you a comfortable life!

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