Bayramix Bayfix

General Product Information:

BAYRAMIX bayfix water insulation: It is an solvent based, transparent external water insulation material . bayfix insulates external walls against water , without effecting the appearance of the walls . It does not get dark after a while and does not fade . To this high alcali endurance , it can be applied on old and new concrete surfaces with success . It protects the wall from water suction , salt vomit , dirt , mould , freeze , cracks and from loose of the water insulation merit. It can be applied on concrete , press brick , briguet , plaster , natural stone , gas concrete , tile m.o. on all absorbent surfaces . On all external surfaces under the paint or plaster as undercoat [ primer ] it can be applied.It can be applied with brush or spraying gun . application has to be realized in 2 layers . After the first layer 10 minutes has to be wait for the application of the 2nd layer . For the non suction surfaces like porcelain and ceramic , for the protection of the material it has to be wait until the wall suction of the material , than clean the surface with an dry cloth . For an application under 5 C which is not a suction surface like [ marble, painted and granite ] we do not recommend the application of bayfix.It has to be protected from freeze and in its original package in dry ambience . While it is volatile and flame up material , protect it from fire .Avoid eye and skin contact . If contacted wash with lot of water the contacted area and appeal the doctor . Don t use the empty bucket as water package and don t throw it in to fire .


Industry:Paint Industry
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