Automatic Chemical Liquid Filling Equipment


General Product Information:

Automatic Chemical Liquid Filling EquipmentAutomatic linear Filling Machine is widely used in packaging pipeline for medicine.lubricants,oil,chemical,foods and pesticides industry and so on.It adopts Frequency controlled drive,and transportation exit is adjustable,so it could meet different packaging machinery pipeline request.It uses PLC programmable control,with 5.7 inches touch-screen human-machine interface system.Also adopts piston controlling filling material flow to meet the request of kinds of measurement filling.Structure compact,used for different bottles and changeable bottle.We adjust the machine instend of replacement parts when we change bottle condition.It adopts mainly machinery linear motion way for design.Electric configure: PLC(MITSUBISHI), TRANSDUCER(MITSUBISHI OR PANASONIC) ,SNESOR(SICK), Time Relay(Omron), Button and contactor(SCHNEIDER). Air Button(MERLINGERIN), touch screen (HITECH)Our Normal models: Speed for 1L ZXRY-2(two nozzles) 8-9bottles/min ZXRY-4(four nozzles) 16-18bottles/min ZXRY-6(six nozzles) 24-28bottles/min ZXRY-8(eight nozzles) 32-36bottles/min ZXRY-10(ten nozzles) 40-46bottles/min ZXRY-12(twelve nozzles) 48-56bottles/minTechnical Parameter:Filling Scope 7-70ml, 12-120ml, 25-250ml, 50-500ml, 100-1000ml, 400-4000ml, 500ML-5LFilling Speed Measure Precision


Industry:Machine Industry
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