Doroud Morvarid Powder
Company profile:
Doroud Morvarid Powder Company with the aim of having preferable quality and getting credit in domestic and overseas markets has started its productions since the early of company supplies its productions in the various particle sizes by using the raw materials from the best Iranian mines. The calcium carbonate product of the company which prepared from the best mines of the country located in Lorestan province is supplied in the simple and coated forms and it has the higher degree of these qualities cause to have a powder that looks extremely white with the highest range of coating. It is consumed in the service of paint,rubber,plastic,leather,ink,cable and wire coat and pharmaceutical industries. Barium sulfate which is a known ore is supplied by a commercial term of material can be found in many spots of the world;however,the specification of the degree of purity and the color differs depending on the kind of mine. Barite is utilized as filler for supplying excavation mud,rubber industry,and manufacturing cable,paint,plastic and ceramic. Talc is a natural mine powder of magnesium commercial aspect,the proportion of its magnesium in comparison with its silica differs and usually it is white,silver,pale green,gray-green in color and it is not chafer and product is used as a filler in ceramic and tile,paint,rubber and plastic industry,cosmetic and polish ,it causes resistance in materials as a reinforce. The whole products of the company include Calcium carbonate,talc,ochre,mica,barite,bentonite,feldespath and silica powder are offered according to the applicants orders.


Company type(s):
Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer


Products / Services:
1. Coatings & Paints: Chemical Resistant Coatings, Corrosion Resistant Coatings, Elastomeric Coatings, Fire Resistant Coatings, Friction Reducing Coatings, Graffiti Resistant Coatings, Heat Resistant Coatings, Metal Coatings, Oil Resistant Coatings, Paints, etc


Export world part:
worldMiddle East


Number of branches:


Year of establishment:

Turn over:

$ 1,000,000 - $ 10,000,000

Number of employees:

10 - 100


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