ALFA KİMYA Resin Company
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We produce reliance for you customers since Alfa Kimya Inc. is a continously renewing company of which’s history goes back to 1981 andspecialized in alkyd resin manufacturing. Going into a new structuring period in 2000 thecompany not only moved its’ factory but also increased its’ production capacity considering thedemands of customers. Have serviced in Kağıthane until the end of 2000, Alfa Kimya had movedto its’ modern facility in Birlik Organized Industrial Site in Tuzla by the year 2001 and increasedits’ alkyd resin production capacity of ton first to ton then to ton andcontinued the production with full capacity. To fullfill the increasing demands and maintain thequality of service speed it had founded a new factory and increased its’ annual capacity to ton and besides thinking of the future established an infrastructure for %50 additional capacity. Inan area of m2, making its’ annual alkyd resin production of ton in its’ closed areafactory of m2 and reserved a closed area of m2 for storage. Besides it will launch its’new storage facility with 2200 m2 closed and 3700 m2 open area by the end of 2015.Continously renewing itself and the products each year Alfa Kimya is adding new alkyd resins toits’ product portfolio. Including more than 80 types of alkyd under its’ body the company continuesto grow and imrove. Our company provides special alkyd options to its’ customers, values R&Dstudies and offers custom alkyd solutions for companies. When considered that the mostimportant raw material making differentiation in paints is the binder it’s understood that alkyd resinis the backbone of the decorative, furniture and industrial paint production. For this reason thedifferrentiation and variation in alkyd resin holds an important place in the growing of paintindustry.Alfa Kimya considers all the demands of customers, follows the latest developments in themarket, aims not today but future and cares most about research and development and for thisreason changed its’ R&D policy by the year 2014 for new projects. Besides its’ current laboratoryit has founded a new laboratory equipped with cutting edge technology. This laboratory carriesout actions like developing new products according to the customer and market needs, improvingthe products in the portfolio to increase the quality, making studies on environment friendly products and cooperative studies with scientific organizations. To offer the top quality products tocustomers every step while and after the production is controlled by the Quality Control Unit. Highperformance polymers are produced according to the standarts designated by customers andmarket.Serving to paint and varnish manufacturers, Alfa Kimya appeals to a great majority of alkyd resinmarket in the country. The company never discriminates its’ customers and cares equally aboutall the paint manufacturers. Thus serving both small and big companies and provides alkydsupply to the market driver companies in Turkey. It became a leader of the sector with theinvestments it made and the reliance of its’ customers as a result of quality, performance anddelivery of service and thus spreaded its’ success all over the world and extended its’ distributionnetwork. The company also sets a great part of its’ sales to export and is aiming to increase its’%25 export rate in sale tonnage. Sending various alkyds to 45 countries in four continents, theproducts of Alfa Kimya are used in Europe, North and South America, Middle East, Africa andTurkic Republics.The one and only company that’s manufacturing only alkyd resin and Turkey’s specializedcompany in this, the secret behind its’ success lies in the service quality it gives to its’ customers.The company begins its’ service quality with the raw materials used and controls every step untillthe product is delivered to the customer and cares about every detail. Alfa Kimya also provides inbulk logistics support with isolated tankers to supply the top quality raw materials and deliver theproducts fresh out of production line to the customer in time. Among the services given by thecompany technical support with expert engineers holds an important place. Creating solutions forevery problem about alkyd resin is an important task Alfa Kimay assigned to itself.Serving since 1981, Alfa Kimya is producing reliance for its’ valuable customers and continouslyimproving and developing to maintain its’ prestige and position in the market and to satisfy its’customers. Company employees putting their experiences on every product are carrying thename Alfa Kimya to higher levels; using cutting edge technology in every step of production,quality control and R&D.


Company type(s):
Exporter, Manufacturer

Products / Services:
1. Coatings & Paints: Paints


Export world part:
worldAsiaEuropeMiddle East

iso 9000,18000,22000,14000

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Year of establishment:

Turn over:

$ 10,000,000 - $ 100,000,000


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